Steel Detailing

Who We Are

We provide high quality detailing and project management services using leading 3D construction modeling technology. We work on a spectrum of projects and are capable of detailing Steel, Mass Timber, and Concrete.  Our staff possess expertise and experience in a diverse range of projects, coming from residential, commercial, and industrial backgrounds. We approach each project with the exact precision and attention to detail necessary to meet customer expectations and comply with technical requirements.  

What We Can Do

Prebid Services

3D Estimation Models and 4 D Simulations

Thorough Estimates

Tekla Powerfab Model Management


Assembly Drawings
& Erection Plans

Advanced Bill of

Project Coordination/

Specialized Services


Interoperability of 3D Construction Models

Managing and Processing Point Cloud Data

Why Exact?

In current World of construction, almost everything is subject to change. This creates a constant challenge for both us and our customers. We aim to address all changes in timely manner and provide updates to our work as fast as possible. Sometimes this means providing updated documents even the same day. This is why we have maintained our position to keep the majority of our mostly skilled manpower in North America; so we can attend the meetings and react to changes as efficiently as possible. 


Exact’s success is built on accessibility, flexibility and accountability.


Our team is comprised of highly skilled Project Managers, Technical Detailers, and Checkers.


With leading industry talent Exact has comprehensive knowledge of 3D modeling to meet project demands.


We develop and utilize the latest software available to the industry.

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