About Us

We provide high quality detailing and project management services using leading 3D construction modeling technology. We work on a spectrum of projects and are capable of detailing Steel, Mass Timber, and Concrete.  Our staff possess expertise and experience in a diverse range of projects, coming from residential, commercial, and industrial backgrounds. We approach each project with the exact precision and attention to detail necessary to meet customer expectations and comply with technical requirements.  


Our team is comprised of highly skilled Project Managers, Technical Detailers, and Checkers.

Broad spectrum

Dedicated to only the best results, you can trust that your project is finished with ultimate precision.

precise detailing

Dedicated to only the best results, you can trust that your project is finished with ultimate precision.


We utilize and collaborate with our information rich 3D models.

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Exact Detailing has provided accurate, timely and cost-effective steel detailing and design services on a multitude of projects located across North America.  Exact started from a cottage in Victoria BC and continues to expand, currently we have six offices located across British Columbia and Alberta. Having a significant and talented workforce in North America has allowed us to maintain the responsiveness and timeliness required to meet our customers’ demands.  Exacts’ teams, including Project Managers, Steel Detailers and Connection Engineers, deliver professional services, swiftly and at market prices.   


Exact’s success is built on accessibility, flexibility and accountability.


With leading industry talent Exact has comprehensive knowledge of 3D modeling to meet project demands.


We develop and utilize the latest software available to the industry.

Our Values

Our team values diversity and experience, allowing us to bring together specialists from different areas of construction to build a comprehensive understanding of the project. With this experience, we can suggest preventive solutions, identify potential issues, and effectively communicate with the project team to ensure success for everyone.  

Some of our diverse employee backgrounds and specialties: 
• Welders 

• Iron workers 

• Structural Engineers 

• Architecture 

• Programmers 

• Quality Control Management 


We believe that the most comprehensive and accurate modeling and detailing can improve efficiency and our customers’ experience from the planning phase to project completion. We have a commitment to helping our clients meet there objectives and utilize project management software which tracks and automates project progress, RFIs, and Transmittals to aid with client communications. 

With concise communication we are able to creating a respectful environment with our clients, partnering trades, and with our coworkers. This involves strong, professional relationships with clients. We prioritize an inclusive, flexible workplace and understand the importance of employee physical, mental, and family health and the flexibility needed to maintain them. 

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